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sometimes my life is a joke, and sometimes my life has valuable learning points

for example, when a car has 194000+ miles on it, and has a history of no one really knowing why it stops working (eg; the engine malfunctioning, a plethora of connection errors, apparent computer errors etc) you should not only not drive that vehicle, but also get rid of it before it can kill you

nothin like losing control of your car and having it spin out while going 75 mph on a highway to force you to accept your mortality

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i put up a picture of my calendar marked with “europe” on instagram and i forgot all the kids i’ve worked with follow me and now i’m getting flooded with “YOU’RE NOT COMING BACK TO CAMP???????”s fuck fuck fuck fuck now the guilt begins

tickets for budapest/slovakia are booked oh my god

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Twin Peaks pilot (1990)
Twin Peaks pilot (1990)

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